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Be it a guy or a girl, a woman or man, a corporate office or a graduate school, perfumes are always in demand and a useful fashion accessory. It is something that becomes a signature style for a particular person. How many times has it happened to you that someones passes by and you recognize a scent and associate it with one of your friends, or a loved one? It is solely because that particular scent is their signature. Celebrities being aware of the usefulness and the demand of perfumes, found out a new way of earning. Nearly every well-known celebrity came out with a line of perfumes and it is not surprising to notice that most of these celebrities were females. Although men are also fond of perfumes and to some it’s an addiction but generally it’s the women who are more keen of purchasing them. Thus we bring to you a list of A-list perfumes by celebrities that are in demand all over the world. Their scent is truly scintillating.


She is one pop star who has rushed through the ladder of success to reach to the top. Her perfume that is supposed to make you feel like a queen, is exquisitely enveloped in black lace which highlights the new style. A style that speaks of emphasized sexuality. The perfume bottle is shaped like the very curvature of a true woman’s body and there was no better decanter in which to put this perfume. A perfume that is a scintillating and enticing blend of tropical fruits and vintage florals like jasmine. The perfume also has a sensual base added by light notes of musk and sandalwood.