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A lot of us have been through the tough routine of looking for a job. It begins with marking job vacancies in the newspaper and sending out your resume’s to what seems to be every organization in the world. After doing that begins the even more testing process of waiting for a call back. This can include pacing back and forth in your house lobby, the kitchen, or even your room if you do not want you parents to have a heart because apparently you are so unwanted in the market despite the bucks they spent on your education. If not that, then maybe this waiting time spent in gossiping and saying mean words about the jo market to your equally un-employed friends when one lucky day you find a call back letter in your mail. You jump with joy, ecstatic at getting an¬†opportunity¬†to show the world what you are. But wait, there are somethings that will land you empty-handed despite the interview, and just so everyone is prepared, I’m jotting them down in a list! Read it through and you shall be grateful I bet!


Unlike what our sweet little brains tell us, the employers are normally looking for people who are reliable, people who won’t complain about every damn thing that crosses their way, and certainly for people who know that what ever they attempt to do, they will be faced with at least a few hurdles, so yes! If you begin your interview with a hoard of complaints about how the parking was so clustered it took you ten minutes to actually find a spot, or the directions to the place were so messed up you lost an hour just moving on the roads, you might as well be saying “Thank you, I do not want this job’ because honestly, they do not give a shit about all of that!