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We have all seen women carrying a huge purse along with themselves and being tiny little fragile human beings that they are, men are always wondering what they carry inside these bags. They assume it must be filled with a lot of junk that is completely unnecessary and certainly for people who carry around all their personal effects in their little wallet (the thinner the better) it certainly must be mind-boggling as to what a women carries around in that tote! Well to ease the discomfort and to put at rest all kinds of theories about women’s purses, here is a list that divulges all the information there is to know! Go through this and find out that women carry around their lives where ever they go, proudly!


So the thing that almost all the ladies have in their bags, is a tiny little make up kit. It actually varies from woman to woman depending on how much makeup they wear in their everyday life and how prone they are to makeup brands. So based on this, the makeup kit can be a little coin clutch filled with a lip gloss or two or it can be another small bag filled with everything from a lipgloss to primers and foundations and bronzers. Some women have more than one beauty bags as well and like I said before, it all depends on what their personal preference are!