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Hollywood is filled with actors who are beyond brilliant. Actors who can act a criminal one second and turn into a comedian the other. I guess what I am trying to say is that Hollywood is not short of multi genre actors, but there are some who really excel at it. This list gives you a brief over view of some of those high achievers. I would like to mention here that this article is my dedication to the loving and cherished memory of Heath Ledger; a multi genre actor of his calibre might not be born yet (and may his soul rest in peace). He is not included in this list because that would not have done justice to the actor that he was! Read on to find out who made it to the top ten of the most brilliant multi-genre actors in Hollywood.


Leonardo DiCaprio is the first one on this list of multi genre actors. He actually is a method actor. To those who know not, a method actor is the one who researches each and every role that he is handed and makes it relate to real life. This particular method is evident in nearly all of his roles. Take Blood Diamonds for starters. He is a very capable actor but obviously out of the many hollywood has and therefore he occupies the tenth spot on this list. Being the last doesn’t mean he is the least. He has played a diversified range of characters, all with the simplified ease of one who knows what he doing.