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It is a true fact that a human brain can do a lot of amazing things which is the prime reason enabling humans in turn to do amazing things. Take as an example that we accept light rays into our eyes and our brains percepts these light rays via the optic nerves and the nerve signals thus sent, and analyzes it. After analyzing it, the required signals are sent to various parts of our body to generate the correct responses. And all of this is done in a span of time. This example can be included in the things that are known to every one and each and every one of us is aware that the brain is a powerful organ.

There are, however, certain things that the human mind has been known to do that most of us are unaware about. This list that I compiled for you, is a summarization of such things. The cases presented below are a rarity and we do not find a lot of people suffering from such phenomenon but feel free to divulge in the information presented below.

10. Pam Reynolds’ Experienced Life After Death

She is a blues singer belonging to Atlanta. What happened was that she under went a surgery that is known by the name of an aneurysm. While the surgery is being performed, the brain is drained of all the blood which obviously renders it inactive for almost 45 minutes. The amazing thing is that she remembered everything that was performed during the operation.  The fact that the whole procedure was done by expert physicians and the brain actually was unable to accept any kinds of signals (should have been actually), even then she could re-tell most of the things. Which makes her one of the very few people in the world who have experienced a Near Death Experience.