10 Facts about Elephants

I like elephants; they are cute, huge and funny looking. They are a big part of many cultures and they are used as metaphors all around the world. They are associated with wisdom. For many people around the globe, elephants hold some sort of religious values. Of course, not all of us live close enough to elephants to know a lot about them. In fact, most of us have hardly seen them once, twice or even never. I will list down ten interesting facts about elephants that you probably didn’t know before. It is said how these poor creatures have had hunters on their tails ever since their tusks became valuable.


Until 2010, only two different species of elephants were recognized. There are new reports now that say that there are at least three different species of these creatures; The Asian Elephant (Alphas Maximus), the African Bush Elephant (Loxodonta Africana) and the African Forest Elephant (Loxodonta Cyclones). The Asian elephant is the smallest and therefore smaller tusks. The African Forest Elephant has straighter tusks while the Bush Elephant has beautifully curved tusks.

10 Facts about Beer and Wine

There are so many different things associated with beer and wine. Many take them because they think they are beneficial to health. There are people who absolutely hate the taste. Then there are people who do not like to drink alcohol and there are some whose religion does not allow them alcohol. But these alcoholic drinks are one of the best creations of humans, there is absolutely no doubt about that and I am sure you will agree with me. You must have heard a lot about these drinks, but what I am about to mention on this list is probably something you never heard of. Following are the ten facts about wine and beer that might interest you.


This is one of the facts you probably already know about wines. In a study that was conducted over a period of ten years has proven that the ‘Red Wine’ is actually quite beneficial to your health. It helps your heart because of the antioxidant properties of Red Wine. It can also assist in the cure of neurological disorders and can also help in preventing many cancers. But please, do not over-consume. If you need maximum benefits two glasses of wine for men and one glass for women everyday is a healthy number.

10 Reasons to Revive the Ancient Ages

You remember how we talked about embracing poverty and forget about everything else? Well, this is much better. Folks, I am sure you know about the ancient ages. You must have read about it in ancient history or some subject like that and you must have thought like a billion times, rather, you must have thanked God a billion times for not being born in those times. Well, when I first read about those times, my reaction was the same, but then I got to thinking and that led to the making of this very list. Folks, this list presents ten different and very real reasons why we should go back to the ancient age or have it revived. Most of you would agree with me by the time you get to the end of the list so don’t give me and keep reading.


The taxes in those times fluctuated around ten percent and that is really great. These days, in most of the places, we have taxes going up to nineteen and even twenty percent. That is a lot for a lot of people who live in those lands. But of course, there is no check and balance to these things anymore. People are made to suffer and there’s pretty much nothing we can do about it.

10 Ten Tools Used in Flow Arts

I am sure you are familiar with the concept of flow arts and you might have even seen them happening live. Flow arts are considered to be a form of art where your body, mind and spirit are in perfect sync. These arts have evolved over the period of time and now it uses many different tools and styles or rhythms if you may. Almost every single form of this art has evolved to include fire and it looks absolutely brilliant with that addition. If you practice any of these arts or are willing to do so, just know that you will get better at it with every single second. It’s almost as if your body is naturally programmed to perform at these arts and it is amazing. This article talks about ten tools that are used in this art.


Juggling has been a part of this world for thousands of years. Juggling was first introduced to circuses in the 1700s. These days, many different things are used by jugglers; enter fire. Get some normal juggling clubs attach wicks to one end, light them up and you have fire clubs. Juggle them around and you can create a beautiful picture of dancing fire. It is dangerous though, so one has to be very careful.

Top 10 Tabletop Role-Playing games

To be honest I really haven’t played any role-playing games when it comes to the tabletop category however, I will let you know that I am a huge RPG fan. I am a little too young to be doing things the ‘old school’ way so I prefer playing these games on the computer or a console. RPGs are interesting because they challenge your mind on completely different levels compared to conventional game play. But let’s not get into that. For now, I am going to list down ten of the most famous and best role-playing games to have ever been made and played. I am sure you will be familiar with most them. Even though I haven’t played any tabletop RPG, I knew many of these before compiling this list. Hope you enjoy the read.


First up, we have Rifts and it is set many hundred years into the future. The planet undergoes some dramatic changes and the space-time continuum has broken. You have passage to other dimensions and spaces. You have magical powers and you have technology. You can expect anything to happen in the world of Rifts. The mechanics of the game however, are not so streamlined. In fact, even though the game has the potential to last for years, the mechanics tend to be more of a killjoy. Imagine this; you are human and you have no magical or supernatural abilities; your friend is playing a dragon; what do you do in that scenario? Such unbalance is experienced in the game.

10 Terrifying Civilizations

I have always been bored by history and frankly I have never bothered much but this is one area that intrigues me and so I am looking on information about this particular subject off and on. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could trace your bloodline back to one of the civilizations of the world? I know I’d be thrilled to know mine. Anyway, this article discusses the top ten civilizations of the world that were truly terrifying. It is common sense to believe that ‘we’ are not the only civilization to have ever lived on planet Earth and that there were others before us in every part of the world. With such amazing numbers civilizations throughout the course of history, you should know at least few of the following ten. I, for one, know about all ten of them.


These guys had the reputation of being head hunters (literally). They used to cut up the heads of their victims and show them off on their chariots. They used to fight naked. They heads were attached to the necks of their horses. They would sing a song of victory after winning a battle. If the enemy was important or big enough, they would preserve the head carefully. They later used to show that head off to complete strangers.

Ten Most Expensive Paintings Ever

Art, no matter what form it is (music, sketching, painting or even cooking), has always inspired me in ways I cannot explain. Secretly, I always aspired to be some sort of an artist. Art is creativity, and there is no price that is adequate for creativity especially if it’s good, rather you cannot put a price on creativity. Painting is one form of art that attracts huge sums of money no matter which part of the world it came from. I do not have the sophistication it takes to actually admire a painting. Believe me when I compiled the list of ten most expensive works below, I had no clue exactly what pulled in such incredible amount of money. Nevertheless, these paintings that I am about to list down for you are ten of the most expensive in the world to date. Maybe you can appreciate them better than I can.


Anne and Kenneth Griffin are the founders of Citadel Investment Group. They bought this particular painting in the year 2006. The painting was able to fetch $80,000,000. This figure made this painting one of the most expensive American paintings in the world. Johns is often described as a Neo-Dadaist. His subjects often include images or objects from popular culture. Those of you who know this artist must know him best because of his work ‘Flag’. He painted it after he dreamt of the American flag sometime around 1954 to 1955.