10 Most Expensive Books Ever Sold

I am going to be honest here and tell you that I absolutely do not like books. I do not like reading them. There was a time when I used to be crazy about certain novels but that time is long gone now. Assuming that you are unaware of exactly how expensive certain books have been sold, what price comes to your head when you think of a book? Better yet, if I ask you to imagine the price for the most expensive book, what is the biggest logical number you can possibly think of? To tell you the truth, I had no clue books could fetch this much money, especially if they don’t set some sort of record. Anyway, prepare to have your minds blown. This particular article talks about ten of the most expensive books ever.


This is the cheapest book on our list. You can imagine what the book contains if you read the name. This particular book contains nine symphonies from the great Austrian composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The book was autographed by Mozart himself. This manuscript was sold in 1990 for $4,100,000. It’s a pity Mozart died at such a young age, he was such a gifted human being.

10 Awesome Miniatures

There used to be wonderful collection of miniatures in a California theme park. It was called Mott’s Miniatures. Unfortunately, that collection does not exist anymore because the miniatures were auctioned to people. All that’s left of that marvelous collection are different photos that can be found on Mott’s website. From beautiful models and naturally existing creatures, the places was full of stuff that would have amazed you, if at all these things impress you. I wonder why it was all auctioned off in the first place. But never mind that for now, because this article will take you through ten of the most interesting miniatures known to us.


You must have seen seashells and if so, you know exactly how big the size is. If you look at the picture you will see some seashells. Well, let me tell you that these seashells are actually really very small and they are fully formed. The stones you can see are actually the grains of sand magnified. You can find these seashells in many sand samples from literally everywhere in the world. Seashells are homes to certain creatures. I really can’t believe the endless marvels of nature.

10 of the most Beautiful Old Buildings

There are some buildings in this world that were meant to stay put for quite a number of years. By quite a number of years I actually mean more than two thousand years even. Not like the buildings that fall over with a strong gust of wind, but buildings that were made to withstand roughness of decades and centuries. This lists brings to  you ten of the most beautiful and the oldest buildings in the world. The listing is not necessarily based on how many years ago it was built, it is actually based on my personal liking for old buildings. Enjoy!

10. The Great Wall Of China – China (2410 years)

We have all heard a lot about the The Great Wall of China and some of us have even been lucky enough to visit it personally. Even looking at it in the pictures, it is quite evident that the journey to building this great monument to history would have been a long one (which it actually was since the construction started in 5th Century BC and ended in the 16th Century BC). The wall itself is around 5500 miles long which makes nearly 8852 kilometers. To date this wall is touted to be the biggest structure created for defense purposes. A hoard of different have ruled over the wall over the past years but now it is just a tourist destination. The wall has a low altitude and is barely visible from a low orbit around earth.

10 of the Oldest and Enchanting Castles in the World

We have all seen and been inspired by castles in so many movies, cartoons, and video games. It is something about those huge halls, and towers, and spires and the foreboding look that completely mesmerize us. There are many universities in the world that are built with such spacious architectures as those of castles. Remember seeing Harry potter and his friends studying Magic in the Hogwarts Castle? Wasn’t that totally spell binding (no pun intended), or perhaps you remember the various kinds of castles used in THE LORD OF THE RINGS! I bring to you that and so much more as I take you on a visit around the world to some of the oldest and most beautiful castles that are still standing. Being used as tourists spots today, these were once monumental to defence and thus they stand rock hard! Read on to find out more!


One of the most beautiful and breathtaking sights in Prague is the castle, touted and most famous because of being not only the largest but also one of the oldest castles in the world. The construction of the castle began as early as the ninth century and even if viewed in person today, one can see that the design of the castle reflects all kinds of architectures be it baroque, or Romanian, or even Gothic. Being 570 meters long and around 130 meters wide, this is a sight to behold.

10 of the most Creative Mugs ever!

Imagine it is a cold Sunday morning and you are waking up in the sunlight. In the warm bed, what is your very first desire? A hot boiling cup of coffee ain’t it? Even the thought of coffee makes the brain alive  and one instantly feels fresh. Well we are sure that you have never really put a lot of thought into what your coffee mug should look like or whether there are any other types available. We become so used to our home coffee mugs and the ones that we use in our offices that we hardly ever think of changing them. Well we bring for you a collection of the unique mugs possible.


Like I said earlier, early mornings are filled with desires to have a strong cup of coffee. There is nothing like a foaming hot mug of your favorite brew to begin the day. Well I have the exact product for your. This mug is ingeniously designed to fit all of your four fingers so that every time you take a sip, it is a mouth full of power. To help you punch back the day the strength and begin like never before, this is the mug for you! It comes with am elegant design too just to ensure that you do not compromise on you fashion sense!

Ten Unusual and Strange Weapons of Ancient Times

Mankind has always been very fascinated with weapons. Initially, they were meant to hunt but that soon transformed into means of killing fellow humans. We evolved and along with us the weapons did as well. Now we have weapons of such destructive power that it is not even easy to imagine. But where did it all begin from? When the weapons were first started to be used, they were not very sophisticated and that’s exactly what we plan on discussing in this article. Listed below are some of the most unusual weapons from ancient times and believe it or not, they were actually used. A few of them even made their way into the world we know but they are a million times more, well, deadly. Read on to find more on this topic.


This seriously reminds me of a baseball bat. This particular weapon was used by the Maori tribes in New Zealand. It was built from nephrite jade. It’s weird however that the tribes used this club for thrusting and not exactly swinging or smashing downward blows. They considered it to be a spiritual weapon and even thought that the mere had mana of its own. Mana is spiritual energy believed to be useful when performing magic. The clubs were a symbol of leadership and losing one of these was considered bad luck. Every effort was made to find the mere and return it to the owner.

Ten Most Evil Children in History of Fiction

It is true that fictions have nothing to do with reality but that doesn’t stop them from being interesting whether it’s a book or a movie. Rather, the most interesting stories or movies I’ve read and seen respectively were fiction. Most of the times in every story or a movie there is a villain and a hero and while we are always rooting for the hero, if the villain is anywhere near cool, we tend to drool over him. This list follows the ten most evil children in the world of fiction. You will not believe some of the characters discussed in this article so give it a read and find out. To make it a tad bit more interesting, just imagine these characters actually exist in the real world.


When I look at this character it reminds of the Dragon Ball Z’s characters. I totally despise the way they look and therefore I am not a very big fan of this guy as well. Anyway, Tetsuo began from a bike gang that he made with his friends. All of sudden, he found these strange super powers that turned him into a God (metaphorically). Tetsuo finally turns into a monster because these scientists keep performing weird experiments with his brain. He also kills one of his friends Kairi. Tetsuo is a character from Akira.