10 of the World’s Most Amazing Building Architectures

Have you ever really glimpsed at the buildings that flash by you when ever you are out and about on the road, or when you go on train journey? Have you actually ever paid attention to the way the building structures have been constructed? Most probably the answer from most of the readers will be negative, the reason being that the usual road side structures might not be that awe-inspiring. Well may be not exactly where you live, but trust us! Gone are the  days when buildings used to be just that. These days the level of architecture, the concept and the idea behind it, and the whole look has taken on a new level. They scream of the immense capability and sheer genuineness of the human brain and why not! When you browse through the list below, you will see architectural breakthroughs that will numb your mind such is the grandeur and sometimes the uniqueness! Read on to find out more.


Created by Piet Blom these houses were based on the idea of an abstract forest thereby, each cubicle house represents a tree. He was asked by the city of Rotterdam that a housing complex needs to be created on a pedestrian bridge and that is when he came up with this unique idea. The idea originally began in 1970s in Helmond. Piet Blom then re-constructed it in the Netherlands.

10 Interior Decoration DIY Ideas Your Wallet will Love

Interior Decoration is one of the most progressive fields of the modern age. Nearly every arts college or university is handing out degrees in Interior Decoration to budding young professionals and amazingly enough the young people are doing wonders. Interior decoration is more dependent on one’s aesthetic sense rather than anything else. In all of those big beautiful hotel lobbies, ball rooms, in conference halls, on wedding receptions we see various vases, lights, painted pots, beautiful frames (with or even without pictures), gorgeous lighting in awe inspiring arrangements. The setup boggles the mind. Due to the attention that people are paying to this particular field, a lot of new shops have opened up everywhere and even online simply catering to the needs. A visit to such stores will make you realize how expensive it is to stock up on decor items specially those that have a vintage feel to them. We have seen various lighting fixtures that cost a fortune and beautiful vases that look as if they have been picked directly from some golden era. We have compiled for you a list of ten decor ideas that will spruce up your space as well as going easy on your wallet. And yes! they look gorgeous no matter where and how you place them. The best thing about Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects is their affordability and ease of making.


The diagram depicts the finished product which looks like a lighting structure that has been bought from a high priced store. The beautiful intricate pattern on the bulb looks beautiful and if such a structure hangs in the right place with the proper exposure, it can look totally pretty. Well the important thing here is the fact that this gorgeous little decor item is amazingly easy to make. Remember how we throw away those used bulbs in the house and how we have those extra bits and pieces of lace lying around from various other projects. All you need to do is to wrap the lace around the bulb and then spray paint it in the color of your choice and TA DA! There you have. Just leave it out to dry, make a few more and hang them together in a prominent corner and enjoy the praise.