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There used to be wonderful collection of miniatures in a California theme park. It was called Mott’s Miniatures. Unfortunately, that collection does not exist anymore because the miniatures were auctioned to people. All that’s left of that marvelous collection are different photos that can be found on Mott’s website. From beautiful models and naturally existing creatures, the places was full of stuff that would have amazed you, if at all these things impress you. I wonder why it was all auctioned off in the first place. But never mind that for now, because this article will take you through ten of the most interesting miniatures known to us.


You must have seen seashells and if so, you know exactly how big the size is. If you look at the picture you will see some seashells. Well, let me tell you that these seashells are actually really very small and they are fully formed. The stones you can see are actually the grains of sand magnified. You can find these seashells in many sand samples from literally everywhere in the world. Seashells are homes to certain creatures. I really can’t believe the endless marvels of nature.