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To be honest, I am not really a big fan of tattoos and to go through such extreme levels of pain to get something I don’t like to begin with is something I’m really not interested in and another reason being that I do not want to pay someone to physically hurt me and then scar my body for life. Well, that still doesn’t make these tattoo things from looking cool till a certain level. Of course, people don’t really understand when to stop and they end up covering all or most of their body which I think is not cool. But, read on and find out about ten of the most amazing tattoos you should consider, if at all you are thinking of getting a tattoo.


I know it looks a little weird to have cute little bird tattooed on your body. If you are a sailor and you have travelled around 5,000 miles on the sea, you probably have one of these because that’s what sailors do usually. If you have 10,000 miles, you probably have two on either side of the chest. These are usually done in the color blue and both the birds face each other. Jay Popoff and Shifty Shellshock have one and it really doesn’t look that bad. You don’t have to have the bird looking all happy. You can get the artist to make it really mean looking too.