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Friends has to be one of the most popular seasons on the TV to be every viewed. To date it has never happened that an episode from one of their seasons is on air and I miss it somehow. Never once, since the show has gone live, has the humour failed to make one laugh. No matter how many times you watch one episode you are bound to end up laughing at all those smart remarks specially those coming out of the hilarious sense of humor of Chandlers, and the stupid mistakes of Joey, the silliness of Phoebe, the over-obsessiveness of Monica, the loveliness of Rachel, and the hilarious nerdy comments/actions of our beloved Ross. In this list I bring to you some of the obvious mistakes in the episodes of Friends that might have skipped your notice. Enjoy the read.



This the same episode where Joey spots a girl in the apartment building that is right in front of the apartment building that Monica and Rachael live in. Ross also lives in the building that is across from their apartment. So all Joey can remember is that HOT GIRL lives in Ross’s building, he merely counts the levels of the building to her window (where she is waving to her because of his undying charm). Of course he does not count correctly and keeps ending up at the wrong door. This shot is from one of those scenes when he turns up at the wrong door yet again and hence the shocked expression. The shirt change was a bit dramatic but one does not notice it during the episode.