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Chen Xiaotian A Chinese mum who nursed her dying son for two years even though she was seriously ill herself has been cured after doctors used the boy’s kidney when he died to save her life. The tragic story started when Chen Xiaotian from Jinzhou city in Hubei province in central China was diagnosed as having a malignant brain tumour aged just five. He was treated and given an operation and for a few months it seemed that everything was well, but then the tumour returned with a vengeance and doctors told his parents there was little chance he would survive. In addition his mother Zhou Lu, 34, had been diagnosed as suffering from kidney failure that left her permanently ill and in need of dialysis treatment. Despite her illness however she continued to care for her son, taking him for regular treatment at the hospital as he gradually worsened. Eventually he became blind and shortly before he died had become bedridden and virtually paralysed.