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When it comes to movies my favorite genre has to be comedy. They are usually light and they put you in a good mood whenever you watch them especially if they star one of your favorite comedy actors. You are not always in the mood to watch an action, thriller or a suspense movie but comedy is good to go anytime. That’s exactly why we have seen many comedy actors throughout the history of show business. But this article is not about those comedy actors. This particular article talks about actors who started with comedy but eventually turned serious. If you are a huge movie buff, I am sure you will be familiar with all the artists that I am about to list, believe you me, they are incredibly famous.


Punch-Drunk Love is a romantic comedy but Adam’s character is of a mentally-unstable person who is very lonely and scared. We know that Adam Sandler can act mean and even hurtful, but this time it’s also spiteful and hurtful. This particular film role makes his other film roles a disappointment really if you ask me because Adam acts with such brilliance in this movie that it’s not even funny.