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vHave you ever imagined being your most productive self while sitting in an office building that resembles a police witness protection room or do you think you would reach a creative high if in a place that oozes organic freshness and color. A place that equips your mind to achieve its maximum potential, for your nerves to be in relaxation mode despite the work load. It comes as no surprise that big companies, specially tech intensive companies look forward to hiring competitive employees. To attract them they need to offer not just a handsome pay package but a place that not only matches up to the grandeur of a sky scrapper but also the perks of a lifetime hardwired into the very aesthetics of the place. Scroll below to find ten of the coolest most attractive headquarters in the world.


We have all seen and been impressed by The Incredibles and Finding Nemo, the animated films that were out of this world. That is the Pixar team for you. Looking at the picture above you see tiny miniature huts that are actual individual offices. The mere look of it has such a homely feel to it, something we are sure regular employees, would yearn for.