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Science is a wonder on its own but then again, no matter how many scientist get born in this century and the next, it is impossible to explain or even understand each and everything related to science! Please read below to find out some of the craziest examples of how eye-brow raising science can be at times!


This is one of the most amazing science facts of all that I am sure you have not heard about. Did you know that there was a frog rain in London, Serbia, and India in the year 1998, 2005, and 2006 respectively? Then there was also a report about a frog rain in Wales in the year 2004. It might surprise you and you might think that frog rain is the name given to some kind of acidic rain but no, frog rain is what the name shows, a phenomenon where frogs actually do rain from the sky. It is scientifically proven that animal can rain down on us and the most common raining animals include frogs, fishes, and lastly, Birds. No one can exactly explain how this happens because certainly, there are no clouds that produce frogs or other animals for that matter. No this is science for you, as mysterious as ever!