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There have been many instances where astronauts have explained what the universe actually looks like. In the year 2001 scientists and astronauts claimed that the color of the universe was greenish white but later they correct themselves in a paper published 2002. What they reported in that paper was that after a complete survey of the color of the galaxy, it turns out that it is in real a shade of beige white! In their survey, they included more than 200,000 galaxies just to ensure that they were on the right track and the consensus was generalized! The final color was later displayed in an article of the Washington Port. There was a joke that went around that a new name was needed for the color that was decided upon because it was neither white nor beige. Hence it was decided that universe was of a Cosmic Latte shade! I am sure that soon this would be one of the most touted colors in makeup palettes all over the world! It surely sounds very enchanting!