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Cryptids are either plants or animals whose existence has been suggested but is still to be proven scientifically. A lot of these creatures are under debate to this date and the most noticeable example would be the ‘big foot’ or ‘sasquatch’. There are also those whose existence has been proven for example an okapi. Most of them however, have been proven fake. In this article I will discuss ten of those Cryptids who have been totally denied by science so you can read on and rest assured that these creatures (plants or animals) do not exist in real life.

10. RODS

Rods are something that can exist only in pictures and videos. They are pictures taken of insect flying around really fast at night and therefore the camera can’t capture them properly, displaying them as rods. These pictures and videos put us ‘petit-minded’ humans in a frenzy to discover these ‘aliens’ for real. Much to our disappointment, the rods were associated with the camera not long after the question of their existence was first addressed. Oh how we are fascinated by supernatural phenomenons.