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Hollywood celebrities might not be that famous for their super hit movies that rock the world, they might not be that famous for the billion bucks that they earn, the private jets that they own, or their villa’s in scenic locations. But when they spend their big bucks on rides as posh as Maybachs, as sleek as the much touted Veyron, or the massive Bentley, the world automatically takes notice. We compiled for you a list of the most expensive and customized celebrity cars that you have ever laid eyes on. Although these babies do not need words or even any description as one look is more than enough to hold the eyes but nevertheless. If nothing else, then it is these cars that will make you green with envy. In the words of the jealous many, these stars, they have it all.


The fact that Kurt Cobain killed himself a month after Justin Bieber was born and also the bitter truth that most of the people who hear him sing for the first time mistake him for a woman, are nothing as compared to the fact the Justin owns a West coasts custom Cadillac CTS-V coupe. It is matte black and that too with the darkest pigmentation possible. The ride has super thin Asanti wheels and appears to have been inspired by the Batmobile (this explains the stickers on it). We are sure that as long as Selena Gomez gets to ride in this devil of a car she would never mind if Justin actually turns out to be a woman. No pun intended obviously!