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It is true that fictions have nothing to do with reality but that doesn’t stop them from being interesting whether it’s a book or a movie. Rather, the most interesting stories or movies I’ve read and seen respectively were fiction. Most of the times in every story or a movie there is a villain and a hero and while we are always rooting for the hero, if the villain is anywhere near cool, we tend to drool over him. This list follows the ten most evil children in the world of fiction. You will not believe some of the characters discussed in this article so give it a read and find out. To make it a tad bit more interesting, just imagine these characters actually exist in the real world.


When I look at this character it reminds of the Dragon Ball Z’s characters. I totally despise the way they look and therefore I am not a very big fan of this guy as well. Anyway, Tetsuo began from a bike gang that he made with his friends. All of sudden, he found these strange super powers that turned him into a God (metaphorically). Tetsuo finally turns into a monster because these scientists keep performing weird experiments with his brain. He also kills one of his friends Kairi. Tetsuo is a character from Akira.