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When we look at models and actors on the TV we often get amazed by the amazing toning that they have maintained. It is not as if they do not eat like normal human beings, the only difference is that they train and train hard. They have professional trainers who help them sculpt their bodies into the perfect shape that one can only dream of. The most difficult part of the body is the core, in other words, it is the stomach area. For many having tight flat abs is still a far-fetched dream. Well you need not wait any longer because we bring to the list of ten top exercises recommended by professional trainers around the world. It is guaranteed that following these exercises for a month will give you abs that would shock your friends. So please start noting down as we tell.


For this pose, you need to lie straight down on the floor (face facing down) and your palms should be near your chest. You then begin to slowly lift your face, your shoulders, and your chest off the floor and remember that your shoulder blades should be pushing downwards. Hold this pose for around 2 full counts and then lower back down. This pose will make you feel a stretch in your ribcage that feels very welcoming and relaxing at the same time. You can make the exercise tougher by trying to lift your legs and thighs when you lift your chest up.