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There are so many different things associated with beer and wine. Many take them because they think they are beneficial to health. There are people who absolutely hate the taste. Then there are people who do not like to drink alcohol and there are some whose religion does not allow them alcohol. But these alcoholic drinks are one of the best creations of humans, there is absolutely no doubt about that and I am sure you will agree with me. You must have heard a lot about these drinks, but what I am about to mention on this list is probably something you never heard of. Following are the ten facts about wine and beer that might interest you.


This is one of the facts you probably already know about wines. In a study that was conducted over a period of ten years has proven that the ‘Red Wine’ is actually quite beneficial to your health. It helps your heart because of the antioxidant properties of Red Wine. It can also assist in the cure of neurological disorders and can also help in preventing many cancers. But please, do not over-consume. If you need maximum benefits two glasses of wine for men and one glass for women everyday is a healthy number.