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I don’t really like rats but that doesn’t mean I am not curious about them. Rats happen to be a symbol of death and plague and they are feared by many humans and induce disgust into others. While there are some who like to keep them as pets, others try to stay as far away from them as possible. Rats are the main cause of billions of dollars worth of damage every year. They spoil food supplies, chew through the electrical wires and bite babies in their cribs (ouch). Even still, they are beneficial beyond measures to human kind. Listed below are ten of the most fascinating facts about rats. I was a little shocked when I came across them.


The most common rats known to human kind is Norway Rat. Some refer to them as the brown rats. They probably originated in China and they can gain up to 2.2 pounds in weight. They plague cities such as New York and London. Their population can vary from a few hundred thousand to a few hundred million of course, that depends on your locality. They can be found nearly in every corner of the globe except the Arctic and Antarctic regions and some areas of Canada and New Zealand. If you domesticate these species, you get the albino rats that are used in laboratory experiments.