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I hope all of you can relate this particular topic to Christmas; with the virgin birth and all. This article talks about ten weird tales regarding birth. None of them even come close to the one I already mentioned but they definitely need to be discussed. You will be amazed by every following birth story, I know I was. You will not, however, find any birth with any physical anomalies. Listed below are ten unbelievable astonishing stories about child birth that made me wonder even though I am not exactly comfortable with the entire concept. It’s a beautiful miracle, no doubt, but I am not comfortable. Read on to find out more about these awesome stories.


Mia Washington had twins with her husband. The interesting bit however is that her husband is the father to only one. Her story is reported to be something like this. She became pregnant when fooling around with her husband or her lover. Soon afterwards she met another man and that resulted in the second egg being fertilized. The concept is known as heteropaternal superfecundation in the medical world and not a lot of cases exist of this kind. The father had to adopt the other son because he wasn’t biologically related to him. Such stories never cease to amaze me.