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Wildlife has always fascinated me. There are many diverse species and each and every single one of them is quite awesome in its own respective way. Another thing that gets my attention is speed and that’s how I arrived at this article. By the way, my favorite bird will have to be a falcon because of its superfast hunting speed. In the wild, agility is something the animals bank on, to survive. This article discusses the ten fastest animals on land. Of course, you must be familiar with some when it comes to speed, but there are still some on this list that I was unaware of until recent past. Nevertheless, it is an interesting read.


This cute little guy is usually found in Northern and Central America. It is known for his fast hunting speeds. The gray fox is not a very big animal weighing in on around 10 pounds and that’s one of the reasons that can achieve such speeds. If the gray fox feels the need to, it can run at around 42 miles per hour. Unlike most animals in the wild, this fox likes to hunt alone which I think is pretty brave on its party considering its small size.