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As wonderful a thing as the human mind is, it is however is not error free. But that is not unexpected, consider the fact that the human brain is always getting so many signals and stimuli responses at a time and some how a human being is responding to all of them, which is an astoundingly amazing concept on it own. At this point I would like to take my words back and re-state that, since the mind is a beautiful and complex organ, there are some concepts of the brain that one cannot explain. They cannot however be referred to as faults. The following documents enlists such complexities of the brain that one cannot comprehend!


The Gambler’s fallacy is the phenomenon where the mind thinks that a probability of the future is altered by some of the past events. This may be true in some cases but most of the times, the probabilities remain the same no matter what the result of the previous events have been. For example, when you flip a coin and it turns up heads more than ten times, you automatically start thinking that since it was heads so many times, then the probability of a tail is more now. This is however, is not true because no matter how many times you flip the coin and no matter what the result is, the probability of a head and a tail remain the same! This is the confusion due to which a lot of gamblers lose a fortune! You can easily guess how I am sure!