10 of the Weirdest Medical Healing Treatments!

Medical science has always been weird but it goes without a doubt that advancement in this field has led to help a lot of people, which is certainly a blessing disguise! But below you shall find some of the most hideous methods of healing that have ever been heard off! I am tempted to say that I might as well stay sick if people were to heal me with one of the methods below! It is a horror to know that some of these are still used as procedures in many parts of the world and I thought that have been ridden of because of being ancient!


This is one of those treatments that is also known as (jokingly) the treatment that sucks! Well I will certainly give you that it does suck big time! This technique involves the use of leeches to heal wounds and those too European medical leeches! This therapy dates back to ancient times but is still widely acclaimed because leeches are used as an ailment for problems such as blood blotting and relieving swelling, for problems where blood flow needs to be stimulated, and then again for various sorts of osteoarthritis (whatever that is)! It got popular in 1990’s and since then it is very popular various countries!

10 Things to do With Used Aluminium Cans

Aluminium cans is one of those extra waste materials that have been around for quite some time now. We see them lying around in garbage cans, on the sides of the roads in the poor areas, we see them flying away when the wind is hard. I personally admire drinking out of can than out of a glass bottle, I am not sure of the exact but cans seem much more macho! Even most of the energy drinks come in cans! The real question is, what should one do with them once they are empty. Being an avid admirer of hand-made crafts, I bring to you a few ideas as to how you can put those cans to use!

10. Protect Young Plants

If the majority of you are those who like to plant gardens or flowers and are avid admirers of nature then surely you would love this particular idea. See what you can do if that for all those small plants of yours that need protection from worms and other tiny insects of the earth, you can now make a protection round for them. What you need to do is cut out the top and the bottom of the cans and press the cans into the earth around the plants. This will create a protective barrier within the earth for the plants and will not let random insects and worms to reach the plant. Do remember that this only works for the tiny little plants and not for the big ones! A very handy idea that I myself have tried quite a few times specially in the kitchen garden!

Top 10 Gifts for Thanksgiving Dinner

For an instance, let us consider that thanksgiving at your own house is a big hassle and equivalent to having to catch fish with your mouth. Even that is actually true then imagine how it would be to go shopping to your significant others place! That should be a fun-filled activity much similar to unplugging a few out of control electric wires with your mouth. Jokes apart, if you do not go their empty-handed, you have a good chance of making it through victoriously! So I have compiled for you a list of things that you can take along to save you that rant about how you sucked last year and what particular mistakes you made!


So it does not matter even if you have the most schizophrenic mother in law ever, because if you are entering the house with a specially prepared pumpkin pie with the whipped cream dressing and what, not only will she gratefully added to her specially prepared menu, she will also spare you the constant chatter that make the whole gathering focus only on you. As long as what you bring causes the eaters to have a mouth orgasm and does not consist of sheep innards you shall do quite well. That is a written guarantee!

10 Misconceptions about Cancer

I am sure you guys are familiar with this disease. In medical terms it is known as ‘malignant neoplasm’. The disease has many different forms but all of them have to do with unregulated cell growth. The cells divide and grow uncontrollably, forming malignant tumors that invade the body parts. The cancer can spread in different parts of your body and it doesn’t matter where it originated. Not every cancer forms a tumor for example Leukemia. Also, you should know that not every tumor is ‘cancerous’. Of course, most of us are not doctors and therefore do not know much about this disease. I am here to tell you about ten common misconceptions regarding cancer that people have had in their minds for a while.


The first misconception on the list is that every cancer is the same. When they say ‘cure for cancer’ they do not necessarily mean that one drug will end cancer and people make the mistake of believing so therefore giving a rise to the misconception that essentially cancer is just one disease. There are many different types of cancer and I am sure you know that. There are many cancers that are still undiscovered. A lot of cancers that we are aware of today were nowhere near the medical vocabulary some years ago. The cure for cancer also depends on the needs of the patient and exactly what part of his or her body is suffering from virus. A few examples of cancer include skin cancer, lung cancer, mouth cancer, bone marrow cancer and breast cancer.

Ten Weird Side Effects to Common Medicine

Did you ever happen to read the side effects of the most common household medicine? There’s a whole list on the literature that’s provided with the medicine. If you happen to read it I can honestly say that you might even stop eating that particular medicine. But listing those side effects haven’t got anything to do with them actually happening really, they are only listed for legal purposes, you know, just in case they actually do happen. I once read the side effects to a common headache tablet. I will not get into a lot of details here but one of the side effects to eating that tablet was ‘headache’. Ironic isn’t it? This article describes the ten really weird side effects that you are probably seeing for the first time.


In order to treat congestive heart and control high blood pressures, more often than not, Vasotec is prescribed. While this drug can have an impact on all your senses, the one that takes the most severe hit is your sense of smell. Yes, this drug renders you incapable of smelling for the period in which you are under the side effect. It wears off of course. But wouldn’t it be weird if you can’t smell for an entire day or something?

Ten sure shot Excercises for Flat Abs

When we look at models and actors on the TV we often get amazed by the amazing toning that they have maintained. It is not as if they do not eat like normal human beings, the only difference is that they train and train hard. They have professional trainers who help them sculpt their bodies into the perfect shape that one can only dream of. The most difficult part of the body is the core, in other words, it is the stomach area. For many having tight flat abs is still a far-fetched dream. Well you need not wait any longer because we bring to the list of ten top exercises recommended by professional trainers around the world. It is guaranteed that following these exercises for a month will give you abs that would shock your friends. So please start noting down as we tell.


For this pose, you need to lie straight down on the floor (face facing down) and your palms should be near your chest. You then begin to slowly lift your face, your shoulders, and your chest off the floor and remember that your shoulder blades should be pushing downwards. Hold this pose for around 2 full counts and then lower back down. This pose will make you feel a stretch in your ribcage that feels very welcoming and relaxing at the same time. You can make the exercise tougher by trying to lift your legs and thighs when you lift your chest up.

Ten Awesome Food Items to Make You Happy

Are you a fan of eating? I know I am. Well, what if we told you about food that tends to make you happier? Wouldn’t that be awesome? There’s many times during a day that we go through bad mood and we usually eat when we are in a bad mood or are bored and mostly it’s junk food. Junk food tends to deteriorate one over a period of time so let’s put that aside for now. Here are ten different food items you can eat to make yourself happy even when you’re in the worst of your moods. The following list of foods can also help you when you’re bored so make sure you stock them really well in your homes.


This vegetable is not very commonly used in fact I have never eaten it myself. The Swiss chard contains high levels of Magnesium. Magnesium is a nutrient that helps in increasing the energy levels of your body and that tends to freshen you up. Also, according to different studies, lower levels of Magnesium were associated with higher levels of depression.