Top Ten Most Common Injuries Associated with Sports

Earlier we talked about how much you can earn if you are one of the best in sports. You can earn millions but that doesn’t come off for free. With sports, the prime association that comes to one’s mind is injuries. No matter what sport you think of, there will always be injuries, even golf, though it’s hard for me to believe that you can get injured while swinging; never happened to me. There have been cases where these injuries turn out to be fatal, but that’s the worst case scenario. This particular post discusses the most common injuries that are associated with different sports but there is no need to fret, even though these injuries are inevitable there always are ways to treat them. So this article does not in any way intend to demoralize you.


Achilles tendon is at the back of the ankle. If it is overused, it tends to inflame and that causes pain. This phenomenon is known as acute Achilles Tendinitis. If you leave this condition untreated, it will become worse and eventually make it impossible for you to run. This injury is experience by those who sportsman who frequently have to use their feet for running or jumping; so basically, almost all the sports.

10 Grossiest things that can Grow on or inside your body

People, before you start moving down the list we  must warn you that the images attached will be shocking, disturbing, and do have the tendency to make you sick. Kudos to us to prepare this for you then and actually research the topic to bring you the best we could. The diseases, infections, allergies, reactions, and what not listed below have to be the most gruesome and sickening of all things to grow on or inside your body. One look at the images and one feels the need to kneel in thankfulness to be better than so many. It truly requires strong guts to see something like that and  the people who go through them, our heart goes out to them. None the less, how ever gut wrenching the images might be, these things should be known so that protective measures could be taken when ever possible. Dare to read on? We insist you should!


This horrible looking disease is caused by round worms which cause a certain kind of parasitic infection in your body. The infection leads to a lymphatic block which means that the skin is no longer able to shed the fluids. The fluids are thus held within the skin causing inflammation and resultant swelling. It is as painful as it looks. This disease is very common in South America, Central Africa, The Caribbean, and the Pacific Islands. Before you start visualizing that maybe this disease would not require your babe to get a Botox injection anymore, let us tell you that this is no laughing matter. If the infection is prolonged, which literally means a gazillion worms mutilating within your body.

Ten Celebrities with the Extremely Gross Hygiene Practices

Alright, so we get that they are celebrities, we understand that their way of life is something that we dream of, and okay, we admit they get paid an amount that we can only imagine unless of course we end up being celebrities ourselves, but just because they are celebrities they can’t get away if they do not even use body sprays and deodorants. They are humans beings after all aren’t they? So we think they should occasionally perform the act of standing underneath (or sitting for all we care) a shower of water and take what we normal down-to-earth, marginally paid human beings call a bath! Come to think of it, how many celebrities have you admired and how many do you think are hygienically acceptable. No people, do not believe everything you see in the movies. Do you really think that the gelled back hair of most of them are actually gelled back or are they just greasy? Does a star purposefully get the out-of-bed look or is it just the way they are? Read on to find out the most grossing hygienic facts about some of your favorite movie people.


Perhaps Gladiator did not do enough business so as to leave poor Russell with a little money with which to buy anti-prespirants and body sprays. Or perhaps he is in the dark about a product called a perfume! According to his co-stars Mr Crowe has a body odor problem so strong that people prefer sitting down wind of him on gigs and shows. Isn’t that supposed to be a wake up call? Apparently not!