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Many of us have seen vampire movies and quite a choice is available in hollywood too! But have you ever actually seen how normal girls look utterly gorgeous as vampires! The fangs and the darkness that looms around then just makes them more appealing. Just to show you what I mean exactly, I bring to you a list of some of the hottest female vampires seen in the history of Hollywood filmmaking! Devour your senses as you scroll down to one amazing beauty after another!


So the list starts with the beautiful Anne Parillaud in the lead role as the vampire in Innocent Blood. And trust me, if you haven’t seen her in the film, you really should (only if you like sexy vampires) you wouldn’t know that there is perhaps no vampire in the history of Hollywood to have appeared this are. She has no issues at all getting all dressed up in her birthday suit to lure her prey to the bed. She gets them all cozy and comfortable for a night of blood sucking fun! If you are a vampire admirer go for it. She looks incredibly hot!