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When names like David Beckham,Christiano Ronaldo and Tom Brady cross our minds, the words steamy, hot, attractive, muscle man also cross our minds. And I am talking about men as well as women when I say this. Why is that so?  The simple reason is that they make women swoon at the mere sight them, and yes also the fact that they are pretty good at what ever sport they play. So we can easily say that they are seriously hot! This lists brings to you the most attractive men in sports be it soccer, hockey, baseball, football, tennis, ice-hockey, or Nascar. They hail from across the world and we love them! So here goes ladies, please hold your hearts in your hands before they slip out!


How many men have regretted the fact that their ladies are even greater fans of the Yankees then themselves? How many men have regretted taking their significant others (be it male or female) to the Yankees game with them? Have you ever wondered why? Why they so love the Yankees or the face of the Yankees. Yes I am talking about the guy with the tight pants and the amazing smile, I am talking about Derek Jeter. Nothing but him can make them go gaga about the Yankees and make their guy feel green with envy!