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Before I start typing on this list I would like to confess and to clarify that this list is not based on the looks of the person in question or their over all rating in the world. So this means that if a person is the 3rd sexiest lady in the world that will not ensure her a position on my list (not that I am bragging that my list is holier than thou but then again). This list will only be based on how sexy the character portrayed was! The character in the movie that is, so what we are basically looking for is the hottest movie character that has ever been portrayed onscreen. And no I shall not include Jessica Rabbit in this simply because she is not a human character. So yes! Only human characters are applicable so let’smove on now.


I am sure you are not surprised to see her on number 10 because she has to be one of the sexiest imaginary persons alive. Even the video games that were later formed on the basis of this character were an instant hit and one of the most popular reasons were that the gamers can make the character shout out some stuff that was pretty non-professional for an archaeologist. When Angelina Jolie was cast in the same role, the short little shorts, the wetsuits, the skin-tight shirts, the artillery, it was a winning combination. Top it off with her blasting off giant zombie things that left her all wet and in demand. The movie was released in 2001 and the second part, The Cradle of Life was released in 2003. The hottest moment of the film was perhaps that one where she came gliding on a string with the hot outfit.Some might think that the shower scene was also very hot but to me that was pretty ordinary.