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All of us grew up reading those beautiful fairy tales and then later watching cartoons based on these fairy tales presented to us by Disney. They seemed liked fairy tales back then but today I bring to you a much mature version of these tales, a version that will have you ogling at the screen for hours at a time. Well what I am actually going to do is ruin your childhood memories of the princess and heroines in these tales and show them in a light that is much more adult! So beware people because what you are about to see down below might tarnish your childhood memories forever. Do not say you weren’t warned!


Please gaze at the picture above and try to recall a tale about a lovely little lady who was trapped within a flower because of her small size. Now what you actually read was the story of an innocent and pure little girl. I am sure what you see in the picture above us way beyond innocence and thus I present to you the fantasized version of Thumbelina for people who have a certain liking towards small-sized ladies. If you have seen the movie “I hope they serve beer in hell” you might have a pretty good idea regarding what I am referring too if you know what I mean that is!