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We all love cats; most of us do. They are cute, cuddly and arrogant and they have just the right amount of attitude which is actually one of the most attractive things about them. Ask any cat owner and they will have either a hilarious or an absolutely cute story about their pet. But there are some tales that you weren’t probably aware of. Until recently, even I didn’t know about most of these stories. These are true stories, and you can find videos and pictures regarding them all over the internet. It doesn’t matter if you are a dog lover; these stories are still very fascinating and interesting. Give it a read, you’ll know what I mean.


You can find the video to this cat on YouTube. As long as the cat is trained to use the kitty litter, I am fine with having to change the litter every two days or one day. If the cat is not trained however, that is not acceptable. But this cat takes it to the next level. The Litter Kwitter is cat-friendly training system that can train your cat to use the toilet. You can look up more information on this system online if you are interested. I know I was and I will soon start using this system for my own two cats.