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Occupational pressures are a pain in the butt; pardon me for being so direct, but in today’s developing economy many of us who are responsible for earning for his or her family, have experienced discomfort and stress at times, especially on the job. You come home grumbling because some of your buddies aren’t lifting a finger at work and are muddled in easy wealth. Well there could be two reasons for that, either they are very good at the job or they have a job which is less stressful. The latter is more evident, because not everybody is a living genius. Today we are going to rate jobs according to its stress factor; in other words we highlight jobs which give you the least amount of stress.

10. Linguist

Linguist is the one who is well versed in many languages, he is more skilled than a common language interpreter or a boring translator. He studies the language profoundly until there is no syllable left untouched or a word that needs caring. I once had a teacher who was skilled in 12 languages; the guy was a walking verbal map! This job is like swatting away flies and waiting for them to return so that you can finally paste them to your desk. There is no physical activity or whatsoever, no work done, because you just sit there and pronounce “anger management” to the others. He or she loves to do the job, because it’s not easy to be a linguist that quickly. Clearly, a stress free job