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I am sure you all are familiar with the concept of this particular day. According to theorists and folklorists, the concept of this day did not exist before the 19th century so we can be certain that the superstition started somewhere in the nineteenth century. The earliest documented reference to this date is in the 1869 biography of Gioachino Rossini; he died on Friday the 13th. The book was written by Henry Sutherland Edward. Rossini considered Friday an unlucky day and thirteen and unlucky number and it’s a weird coincidence that he died on the 13th of Friday as well. There will be a total of three ‘13th Friday’ this year and two of them have already happened. The third is due in July. I will list down some of the lesser known events associated with this day that you probably haven’t heard of before. Enjoy the read.


I am pretty sure you are familiar with this band. I am not a fan but most of you must be interested to know that in the year 1970 on the bad day in February, Black Sabbath released their first album in the UK. It reached to number eight in UK and managed a number 23 on the Billboard charts. The album was called Black Sabbath but I am sure you already know this.