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I am pretty damn sure that even for those of you who are not addicted to watching seasons, this will be a pretty awesome experience and yes, no matter how cheesy this sounds, I am stating this out of experience as well. I was given the downloaded episodes of this particular season (the episode were in HD quality to escalate my experience) by a close friend and I was told to, actually forced to watch these. And I was told that if I think seasons are boring, then I should just watch the first episode and decide whether you want to continue watching it or not! I started watching it and trust me, I was completely hung onto it! It was just that thrilling. And although I am done watching the whole thing, I whole heartedly wish the time would come back when every upcoming episode was a complete surprise. As with other shows that I normally watch on the television, this one had a lot to teach me, it made me reinforce some of my personal beliefs; it had me learning a few new things, and this master piece of a production taught me things about life that I did not, or perhaps I knew them but did not actually think of them! As enlightened and refreshed as I felt after watching this thrilling drama, I felt this need to share some stuff with you guys, those who have watched it and those who haven’t (highly recommended by the way).

Just to brief you, it revolves around the story of two brothers. One who ends up in jail because of a crime he had not committed (the elder brother called Lincoln burrows) and the other one who is a civil engineer who tries to break him out of the prison (the younger brother called Micheal Scofield) who is also the main lead of the whole series.


The best lesson of the whole series was that you just need to keep going on. You know how they say it, if plan A fails, move to plan B, if that fails move to plan C and so on and so forth till the next letter of the alphabet till you have exhausted it all and do not even stop then. The series tells you that you need to keep moving on no matter what because life is not going to stop, so if you need to move ahead, you need to move on (I am not exactly sure if this is even making sense to most of you but you need to see the season to completely understand it)!