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They are the soldiers belonging to the microscopic regiment, commonly known as the Daddy’s milk; they are the stuff of episodic miracles and repeated accidents, the rooster for example is a walking syringe of rich protein, he is known to the farmers as the nasty bastard that loves to copulate with every hen in the storage. The rooster is credited with his flooded bag of powerful warheads that needs nobody’s advice when it comes to well fed hens and when the owner’s wife begins to act naughty. The point is clear to us know, the key to successful and a healthy generation is in numbers. So God gave us strength in numbers and told us to reproduce as much as we can to keep Mother Earth populated. Nobody has ever taken the liberty to find out that we aren’t the only ones with the highest sperm count (200 to 500 million) per spurt, so to keep the balance in check we went out there, did some lab work of our own and we found the results below.

10. Rhesus macaque

If humans were to be wiped out from this planet then it would be these monkeys seen multiplying in every continent, because these species can tolerate almost every habitat, it’s just in their nature, even the IUCN Red List doesn’t care much about it. This monkey lives in Native and Central Asia and makes sure that everybody duplicates with good looks. This one has a sperm count of 1000,000,000. Even the nuclear blasts and heated war zones couldn’t keep its population under control.