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I am sure you guys are familiar with this disease. In medical terms it is known as ‘malignant neoplasm’. The disease has many different forms but all of them have to do with unregulated cell growth. The cells divide and grow uncontrollably, forming malignant tumors that invade the body parts. The cancer can spread in different parts of your body and it doesn’t matter where it originated. Not every cancer forms a tumor for example Leukemia. Also, you should know that not every tumor is ‘cancerous’. Of course, most of us are not doctors and therefore do not know much about this disease. I am here to tell you about ten common misconceptions regarding cancer that people have had in their minds for a while.


The first misconception on the list is that every cancer is the same. When they say ‘cure for cancer’ they do not necessarily mean that one drug will end cancer and people make the mistake of believing so therefore giving a rise to the misconception that essentially cancer is just one disease. There are many different types of cancer and I am sure you know that. There are many cancers that are still undiscovered. A lot of cancers that we are aware of today were nowhere near the medical vocabulary some years ago. The cure for cancer also depends on the needs of the patient and exactly what part of his or her body is suffering from virus. A few examples of cancer include skin cancer, lung cancer, mouth cancer, bone marrow cancer and breast cancer.