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How many time have we heard various stories and self formed notions about various things related to technology and technologicalĀ developments. This list brings to you the top ten most common misconceptions about technology. Read on to enlighten yourself, thank you very much!


Misconception: It is dangerous to use a cellphone at a gas station

The reason for the wide-spread of this little bit of information about cell phones and their relevance to the gas station is due to a lot of emails that went out indicating that explosions and like wise mishaps at the gas station were due to the usage of cell phones. It was initially reported that SHELL was behind these emails. SHELL refused of course and the whole concept was left hanging in the air without a shred of scientific or experimental proof. Despite complete lack of proper proof gas and petrol pumps continue to post messages and warnings that people should switch off their phones while getting gas or petrol. Weird how people will believe just anything!