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So they say that life is very short and that we should live it fully and make all the mistakes that we want to make because sooner or later it is all going to end. So that is quite a depressing thought but feel the depression fading away as you read the article! I have selected for you, some of the mistakes that you should make before you die, because life is all about living each and every moment to the full extent possible. So feel free to try these all out and gather the resultant joy!


This is one major bad advice coming up girls! Or even boys for that matter. See the thing is that since you are eventually going to die, why not try some of the unforgivable and insane things that have we have always been told are bad for us! Like pulling a one night stand for example. You need not do something in the very extreme but do flirt your heart out with the next guy or girl that you see and whom you fancy and then there should be no stopping you. This of course only if you are not treading on anyone’s heart-strings, not even your own! I hope I made this very clear! The rules need to be followed even when making mistakes!