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Have you ever really glimpsed at the buildings that flash by you when ever you are out and about on the road, or when you go on train journey? Have you actually ever paid attention to the way the building structures have been constructed? Most probably the answer from most of the readers will be negative, the reason being that the usual road side structures might not be that awe-inspiring. Well may be not exactly where you live, but trust us! Gone are the  days when buildings used to be just that. These days the level of architecture, the concept and the idea behind it, and the whole look has taken on a new level. They scream of the immense capability and sheer genuineness of the human brain and why not! When you browse through the list below, you will see architectural breakthroughs that will numb your mind such is the grandeur and sometimes the uniqueness! Read on to find out more.


Created by Piet Blom these houses were based on the idea of an abstract forest thereby, each cubicle house represents a tree. He was asked by the city of Rotterdam that a housing complex needs to be created on a pedestrian bridge and that is when he came up with this unique idea. The idea originally began in 1970s in Helmond. Piet Blom then re-constructed it in the Netherlands.