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There is perhaps nothing more pleasant to the senses than to sit in a garden filled with the greenest of greens; to see flower beds that present an array of colors so varied that one can easily get lost; to hear sound of birds around you; in short nature at the peak of its glory. Just to be there and to absorb the entirety of it, to feel the serene silence is a treat to dive into. Read on to find out about some of the most astounding natural and ancient gardens in the world restored in top notch state waiting to be toured.


The Viceroy’s Palace Garden in India is one of the most beautiful gardens of the country. It has a vast span of formal gardens with extensively designed landscapes that are a treat for the eyes. The impressive thing about the landscapes is the fact that they are not depictive of the Mughal or British style of gardening. They represent a modernistic vision which is pretty advanced for gardens that old. Covered in vast flowery areas and delicate lanes of grass separated with  fountains, they present a wonderful scene to the onlooker.