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There are some buildings in this world that were meant to stay put for quite a number of years. By quite a number of years I actually mean more than two thousand years even. Not like the buildings that fall over with a strong gust of wind, but buildings that were made to withstand roughness of decades and centuries. This lists brings to  you ten of the most beautiful and the oldest buildings in the world. The listing is not necessarily based on how many years ago it was built, it is actually based on my personal liking for old buildings. Enjoy!

10. The Great Wall Of China – China (2410 years)

We have all heard a lot about the The Great Wall of China and some of us have even been lucky enough to visit it personally. Even looking at it in the pictures, it is quite evident that the journey to building this great monument to history would have been a long one (which it actually was since the construction started in 5th Century BC and ended in the 16th Century BC). The wall itself is around 5500 miles long which makes nearly 8852 kilometers. To date this wall is touted to be the biggest structure created for defense purposes. A hoard of different have ruled over the wall over the past years but now it is just a tourist destination. The wall has a low altitude and is barely visible from a low orbit around earth.