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The world will seem a lot less frightening after you go through this article. This particular post discusses the most brutal torture methods that were used by the earliest of civilizations. Let me tell you however that after knowing all these torture methods, referring to them as a ‘civilization’ is hardly appropriate. The world we live in is cruel, harsh and scary but that is nothing compared to what everything and everyone actually evolved from. Your pupils will dilate exponentially as you travel down the list so you might want to take it easy and go slow and do not make the mistake of imagining yourself in that position because it will be nothing less than painful.


Have you ever felt the excruciating pain when something hot spills on you? If yes then you might be able to imagine what the pain involved with this particular method of execution. The unlucky condemned were lowered into a huge pot of water. The water was initially cold. Then a fire was lit underneath the pot. The water would slowly start to boil and the condemned prisoner in it was forced to boil along with it. This method of punishment is around 500,000 years old and is said to have been practiced in China. Man, China sure had some brutal punishments. It is also reported that this method of execution was legal in the United Kingdom in the 1500s.