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Perhaps the only indication of these famous celebrities and stars belonging to the world of normal human beings is the fact that they have relationships that end up publicly and badly. So they aren’t these little angels that do not have even a single sad glitch in their lives and it isn’t as if their lives are as perfect and as smooth as satin. That being said, we bring to you ten of the most coveted celebrity breakups. Please do not get us wrong. In no way do we imply that the breakups of celebrities are events that entice us and that we have a fairly morbid sense of humor. It is just that having a breakup is what normal people go through, and when we hear of our hot-shot stars going through the same feelings, it develops a connection. No doubt some of these breakups were really heart breaking but then that’s life.


Ladies who do not adore Jude Law and think he isn’t totally smoking hot, please raise your hands. Oh we see only a few and those too might belong to girls who are jealous of Sienna Miller. Well curse no more ladies because the duo is together no more. Apparently Jude Law was having an affair with their children nanny and got caught. The weird thing is that Sienna did not kick him out immediately and stayed put for another four months. Wonder what that was all about.