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Imagine it is a cold Sunday morning and you are waking up in the sunlight. In the warm bed, what is your very first desire? A hot boiling cup of coffee ain’t it? Even the thought of coffee makes the brain aliveĀ  and one instantly feels fresh. Well we are sure that you have never really put a lot of thought into what your coffee mug should look like or whether there are any other types available. We become so used to our home coffee mugs and the ones that we use in our offices that we hardly ever think of changing them. Well we bring for you a collection of the unique mugs possible.


Like I said earlier, early mornings are filled with desires to have a strong cup of coffee. There is nothing like a foaming hot mug of your favorite brew to begin the day. Well I have the exact product for your. This mug is ingeniously designed to fit all of your four fingers so that every time you take a sip, it is a mouth full of power. To help you punch back the day the strength and begin like never before, this is the mug for you! It comes with am elegant design too just to ensure that you do not compromise on you fashion sense!