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We all love to travel and while most of our journeys are by air we tend to enjoy that. True enough, landing and take off in a jet plane is fun experience but if you have been to one of the following airports, I am sure you beg to differ. This lists brings for you the ten most dangerous airports to land in. The reasons include the length of the air strip, the location, the winds etc. Believe me, that heavy thud when the air plane touches the ground is nothing compared to what the pilot and the passengers go through while landing on one of the following air strips.


This is perhaps one of the busiest airports in the Caribbean. United States Airline, KLM Royal Dutch and Corsairfly are usual users of the airport. The air strip is about 7,152 feet long and was built for smaller planes to land on but it still used by 747s and A340s. The air strip is located right next to the beach, so if you are sun-bathing and tall,  make sure to not stand up. It can be very dangerous with the strong gushes of wind. Also, you need to stay clear of the engine exhaust. It can blow you away, literally.