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When we travel to different countries, most of us like to explore the place on our own. While we explore, our biggest concern is safety. Following is a list of ten cities in the United States of America that you do not want to visit, at least without an American native with you. The following data was compiled after consultation from various crime reports and statistics.


The city has a population of 292,047 and there have been 13.8 violent crimes per 1000 people. A total of 49 murders were committed in the year 2010. The median income is around $45,730 while the unemployment rate is 18.4%.

Stockton is located forty miles east of Oakland and San Francisco and perhaps the reason for such horrible crime rates is because of the high unemployment rate. This city was rated as one of the worst cities to live in by Forbes Magazine in the year 2010 with violent crimes contributing a lot to its reputation. There are 267 cities with population over 100,000 and Stockton has the 27th highest number of murders per 1000 people. Considering the crime problems of the city, many times over, the California patrol units were asked to help the Stockton Police Department because of the over-whelming number of crimes.