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A dog is man’s best friend. I am sure that you have heard of this statement a million times but that does not under any circumstance means that a dog is completely harmless. Yes, there are friendly dogs but there exist the exact opposite ones as well. One thing that you must understand is that a dog does not necessarily have to be unfriendly to be dangerous. Sure, we love our pets be it cats or dogs nonetheless, one must know of the dangerous breeds as an extra precaution. It doesn’t really hold true that a specific breed of dog might react in a ┬áspecific way to something but after reading this, you might get the idea.


Boxers originated from Germany in the 1850s. Their weight varies between 50 to 64 pounds while the height is between 20 to 25 inches.

A Boxer is a square dog and it also happens to be a very strong one. Boxers enjoy the long walks, but never ever make the mistake of forgetting the leash. They will be friendly with you and even obedient, but if a stranger takes a step out of line and that’s that for them. Keep these leashed and they will cause no problem at all. The ancestors (European Bulldogs) of a Boxer were used to hunt boars etc. so you can guess how dangerous can they prove to be.