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Remember how we are always celebrating the fact that celebrities get all the perks while they are in their careers and like that is the life to have, they have it all blah blah. Well do I have a news flash for you people. As it turns out, celebrities don’t only have it all while they are working, their families have it all after they die even, in the literal sense of the phrase. See what happens is that there are some major die-hard fans of these celebrities out there who are willing to pay every dime they have just to own a piece of (and some gross ones will pay for parts as well) their favorite star. I have compiled for you a list of such celebrity auctions which were massively paid for. No wonder they insure their butts and what not, they can auction them when and if they go broke. That ought to be a living on its own.


When ever you hear about Mark you know that something good is about to happen. As far as his at-bats-per-home-run ratio is concerned one knows that he is the best coming second only to Babe Ruth where both of them have the ratio of 10.61 and 11.80 respectively. He is one player regarding whom history had decided that he would be playing for Major League Baseball. He biggest breakthrough was defeating Chicago Cubs’ Sammy Sosa, in 1998, when he scored the most home runs in a single season of the game. The baseball that helped him was bought by Todd McFarlane (a comic book writer and music producer career wise) for a whooping $3 million. The ball was sold in 1999.