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Art, no matter what form it is (music, sketching, painting or even cooking), has always inspired me in ways I cannot explain. Secretly, I always aspired to be some sort of an artist. Art is creativity, and there is no price that is adequate for creativity especially if it’s good, rather you cannot put a price on creativity. Painting is one form of art that attracts huge sums of money no matter which part of the world it came from. I do not have the sophistication it takes to actually admire a painting. Believe me when I compiled the list of ten most expensive works below, I had no clue exactly what pulled in such incredible amount of money. Nevertheless, these paintings that I am about to list down for you are ten of the most expensive in the world to date. Maybe you can appreciate them better than I can.


Anne and Kenneth Griffin are the founders of Citadel Investment Group. They bought this particular painting in the year 2006. The painting was able to fetch $80,000,000. This figure made this painting one of the most expensive American paintings in the world. Johns is often described as a Neo-Dadaist. His subjects often include images or objects from popular culture. Those of you who know this artist must know him best because of his work ‘Flag’. He painted it after he dreamt of the American flag sometime around 1954 to 1955.